Farming in the Third World

Where does your food come from

Increasingly, farmers in developing countries are being given subsidies, that is money, to grow soy bean, maize and other grain crops. These have started to be grown in deforested areas of the Amazon and "third world" countries like Zambia, Bangladesh and Ethiopia. These are countries that are currently heavily reliant on food aid from developed countries such as America and European countries. The problem with this is that although they are quite able to grow their own crops, they aren't able to utilise what they are growing in a way that they can effectively sustain their own production for their own needs.

The high prices of grain that farmers are being encouraged to grow is being driven by the increasing demand for meat in developed countries that provide these subsidies. A huge 90% of the grain that is produced is destined for animal feed in countries with a fast developing middle class (India, Brazil and China) and every year thousands of miles of rainforest are destroyed for agricultural use. In addition to this, these areas are often home to already endangered species.

The one thing you can be responsible for is your own soy consumption. Supermarkets are being urged to tackle the exploitation of third world farmers by adopting certain ethical standards which govern the way they buy their products and where they come from. This aims to tackle such practises as child labour on coffee farms and environmental damage in the agricultural areas. Next there's the practice of "natural" soya products that are often processed using hexane, which is a neuro-toxin petrochemical solvent, this points to the fact it really pays to go for organic soya that has not been extracted from a rainforest region and is GM-free. Although there is little nutritional difference there is a huge impact that it has on the planet and the local environments in which these crops are grown.

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The Rich-Poor Gap

Increasing rich-poor gap across the developed world

The gap between rich and poor has widened during the last years and it seems like there is no change in sight. Not only the difference between rich and poor nations gets more explicit with the years, also the gap in the countries is growing. In the USA the gap has increased in the last 10 years with the top 10% of household incomes and profits increasing and the lowest 5% have had their incomes decrease.

A report that examines the wealth and poor situation in Germany showed, that more than half of the country's wealth is owned by the country's richest 10%. In spite of the crisis, the sum held by the rich people in the country clearly increased during the last 5 years.

The gap is reported to have increased the most in the UK during recent decades with the wealthiest tenth of society now earning 12 times as much as the poorest, up from eight times as much in the 1980s.

In addition to this, the tax rate for the top earners has fallen whilst benefits for the poorest have become steadily less generous. Using the "Gini coefficient", which is a measurement which works out how well income is distributed throughout society, inequality has risen faster in Britain than in any other country since 1975. Recent reports have shown that workers in the worst paid jobs such as dinner ladies and waiters have seen their take-home incomes fall dramatically with the rising cost of food and energy bills.

What is Syria today?

What is Syria today? Syria has a lot of problems with it’s people.


What is Syria today?

Today, Syria is struggling from many big problems including rebellion, war, and political issues.

A lot of fighting occurs in Syria like those clashes in Aleppo and Homs. Both of them were the major centers of opposition that were really against the government system.

To take actions, Syrian Government sends its armed force in order to stop rebellion. This would surely result to death of many people. In fact, 112 deaths were reported in the entire country in just one day. Among those who have died, 38 of them were found in the areas of Damascus. These are all reported according to an opposition.

During the fierce fight in Aleppo, rebel fighters were able to kill 30 army out of those army which was sent by the Syrian government. However, huge numbers of terrorist were killed by the government force. Government army carries heavy weapons that surely overpower the poor terrorist. Government army went too far, destroying everything that terrorist own including those facilities and equipment like vehicles and houses.

Many civilians were affected with the war, their houses have been destroyed and most of them were injured due to the fierce battle. Their home became the battlefield for war.

What those in opposition are fighting for is their Human rights and they were willing to shed all of their blood just to protect it.

Conflicts in Syria has gone worst, much more when Syria fire shells that hit regions in Northern Lebanon which injured a soldier and destroy some small towns.

In this manner, those Syrian people who don’t want to get involved in war decided to go into sanctuary in turkey. In fact, 8000 of them were already in the refugee. However, still many innocent people need to be transfer in the refugee.

Other refugee center can be found in Northern Lebanon where over hundreds of people came there every week. However, still those who were in the refugee needs to be protected.

Diamond collection of Queen Elizabeth II

Diamond collection of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch. The British Royal family had a great 2011 and mostly a good 2012 having a diamond Jubilee, a royal wedding and hosting the summer olympics in London 2012. Of course that follows with dirty Harry getting into trouble with the press leaving a so called black eye on the royal family.

While everyone is distracted with pictures of Harry running around naked in Las Vegas, few will know what riches the queen actually has and it is quite an impressive collection which is worth an astonishing amount.

Here is an impressive list of royal jewels littered with diamonds

  • The King George IV State Diadem: contains 1333 diamonds
  • The George III Tiara
  • Queen Mary Fringe Tiara: has been called an ugly spiked tiara
  • The Vladimir Tiara: from Russia with love, worth over $1 million
  • The Burmese Ruby Tiara: the diamonds came from Elizabeth’s private collection
  • The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara: I’m sure the Irish could care less about this one
  • The Russian Kokoshnik Tiara: contains 488 diamonds
  • Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara
  • Princess Andrew of Greece’s Meander Tiara
  • 1936 Cartier Halo Tiara: contains a brillian diamond

That’s not all, we haven’t included the earrings, necklaces, brooches, parures and the Gloucester jewels. Just to think one of these small pieces of jewelery could feed millions of people around the world starving.

So how many diamonds does the royal family have and what is all of it worth? Trying to add up the royal wealth is a bit of an accounting nightmare. Nobody knows what the royals truly own so only one could speculate. A good estimate based on some of the pieces presented so far would put a good estimate at $100 million which is of course a lot of money but when you consider how rich some others are in the world, $100 million could look tiny compared to what other billionaires could afford if you take into account new world wealth. Even facebook founder Zuckerberg could buy all of these diamonds with pocket change but that would cramp his style and we wouldn’t want to do that.

If you want to see what the Queen Elizabeth has, check out her detailed personal jewel collection of Elizabeth II page:

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